Can I ask you a favour?

Can I ask you a favour? I’m doing a new experiment with Troy McConnell (UCD Colleague and tech entrepreneur) and his new startup… all about engaging differently with audiences through social media.

As you probably know, I’m Chairwoman of Crash Ensemble and we are currently trialling Troy’s new company, , in the lead up to our concert in the National Concert Hall next Saturday 13th (Music of Bryce Dessner of The National).

What I want you to do… is ask Crash Ensemble a question!!!

Basically, if you have ever wanted to ask a professional music performer, classical musician, performing ensemble who tours the world and performs all sorts of amazing music and collaborates with a variety of award winning stars a question… now is the time!

All you have to do:

  1. Open on your PHONE web browser.
  2. Click on ‘Upload your Video’
  3. Read instructions and click ‘select video’
  4. Login with Facebook (just needed for ‘voting purposes’ doesnt take anything personal!)
  5. Click ‘select video’ and then ‘take video’
  6. Allow Safari permission to access your camera and microphone so that you can upload a video direct.
  7. Record yourself asking Crash Ensemble a question
  8. Use video and then share it on social media!!

Its a new way to interact with audiences and is very much in test mode. As you know, we are all about user testing in the Innovation Academy and at Invented so if you could upload questions and interact with the site it would be greatly appreciated! All in the name of an experiment for an experimental ensemble!!

You can find out more on Fanapo here:

THANK YOU in advance :-)