Cora Venus Lunny

Born in Dublin, Cora was first given a violin at the age of three and never looked back. A life in music became her goal and, from the age of thirteen, she studied classical violin intensively with highly respected violinists around Europe, including Rimma Sushanskaya, Joji Hattori, Alexander Arenkov, Arkady Futer, Lara Lev and Vladimir Spivakov.

Aged sixteen, she became the youngest ever winner of the RTE Musician of the Future competition, and the readers of Irish music magazine Hot Press voted her one of Ireland’s top ten musicians in 2006. By the time she was twenty, her playing had been broadcast worldwide on radio and TV and she had racked up solo performances in Germany, the UK, Russia, USA, Spain, France and all of Ireland’s major concert venues.

After a few months in Vienna among the classical establishment, Cora realised that she needed to broaden her musical horizons. “I wanted to play with anyone and everyone and absorb new things in new ways. I wanted to struggle and have to learn to adapt, musically.” She began to branch out by joining experimental electro-folk group Fovea Hex, and with her dedication to classical music as strong as ever, toured the Far East playing Vivaldi Double Concertos with Nigel Kennedy.

For the next few years Cora appeared on over 30 albums of recorded music and in innumerable gigs in bars, theatres, arenae, tents, fields; sang her own songs and learned to use looping pedals, and worked with, to mention just a few, Damien Rice, The Republic of Loose, Kanye West, Laura Sheeran, The Jimmy Cake, Camille O’Sullivan, Julie Feeney, The Blizzards. She added the viola to her musical arsenal and got very involved in contemporary music, toured the USA and China as a soloist with the Dublin Philharmonic, and produced and engineered an EP, 1943 (Rue Faubourg).

Cora officially joined the eclectic Balkan-jazz group Yurodny in 2008, after a few guest performances in which she stepped in for Oleg Ponomarev and / or Kate Ellis. “It was the first time I’d really sweated on stage in years!” she says of her first performances with the group. Yurodny remains one of her main foci. “It’s a privilege to work so closely with some of the finest musicians I have ever known, in a group that has an extraordinary alchemy of cohesiveness and draws from enormously diverse influences.”

She plays a violin by Nicolo Gagliano dated 1738.

Solo Discography:
1943 (Rue Faubourg, 2011) – a self-produced collection of originals & covers played on violin & viola
Bartok & Ravel (Diatribe / Rue Faubourg, 2012) – Bartok’s Sonata for Solo Violin, Ravel