Three great gigs for early 2013

Yurodny SciLens – featuring live DJ set by ZOID and video by Yellow Brick Media

Date: Saturday 26th January 2013, Grand Social Dublin
Time: 20:00 TO 23:00
Tickets: €10 or €8 concessions

The Yurodny SciLens project, launched in August 2012, involved the design and build of new gestural interfaces; physical and virtual electronics that map physical movement data in real time and lead to the development of a new language for the contemporary interpretation of traditional music.

This January, presented as part of the Diatribe Launch Series 2013, the group will unveil how this new technology works in a live performance that also includes video pieces by Yellow Brick Media and a live DJ set by ZOID.

SciLens and the Diatribe Launch Series are funded by the Arts Council of Ireland

In March and April of this year, Yurodny SciLens will travel to Scandinavia to work with leading experts in the field of gestural electronics in Denmark and Norway. For this the

Yurodny Ensemble received the EU Presidency Award for Culture 2013 from Culture Ireland.

Isole – Tarab with Paul Goodman – music from Ireland and Crete

Date: Friday 1st February 2013, Grand Social Dublin
Time: 20:00 TO 23:00
Tickets: €10 on the door

Irish multicultural ensemble Tarab dives deep into the Mediterranean with help from Crete based Irish multi-instrumentalist Paul Goodman. This one-off unique collaboration mines the links between the driving rhythms and jagged melodies of Ireland and Crete.

Paul will perform on the Cretan Lyra (a spike fiddle) and the Turkish saz (a long-neck lute) and will augment the already rich sound palette of Tarab which features flutes, whistles, saxophone, pipes, cello, accordion, lafta and percussion.

Paul Goodman – Cretan Lyra, SazEmer Mayock – Irish flute, Whistles, Pipes

Nick Roth – soprano sax, furulya
Francesco Turrisi – accordion, lafta, percussion
Kate Ellis – cello
Robbie Harris – PercussionPresented with funding from the Arts Council

Solo Series: Kate Ellis

Date: Friday 8th February 2013, Kevin Barry Room, National Concert Hall
Time: 20:30 TO 22:00
Tickets: €10/€5 concession
The Irish Composers’ Collective returns in 2013 with a six-month solo series, featuring a number of Ireland’s top solo performers. We kick off the series with none other than Kate Ellis, cellist, co-director of Crash Ensemble, co-curator of Kaleidoscope, and all round force for contemporary music.Kate was surrounded by music from an early age. With the radio playing constantly at home, she developed an eclectic taste in music. Since becoming cellist with Crash in 2002, Kate has joined a revolving cast of new music groups for various performances and recordings. With a passion for the unknown, and the chance meeting of various musical minds including Gavin Friday, Karan Casey, and the musicians of Tarab and Yurodny, Kate continues to tour and perform extensively throughout Ireland, Europe, the US and Australia.

Taking a more curatorial approach to her work, Kate is co-artistic director of Crash and co-curator and co-founder of the highly successful ‘Kaleidoscope Nigh’. In July 2011 Kate became musician in residence at the Cork opera House working as co-curator of the Reich Effect, a festival marking the 75th year of Pulitzer Prize winner Steve Reich. Kate continues her residency performing and curating her own nights of music in collaboration with musicians other artists all working to expand the confines of their chosen genres. Inspired by these collaborations, Kate has joined forces with six diverse musicians, two visual artists and a poet for a new project RESOUND, presenting original music with live visuals and poetry.

Kian Geiselbrechtinger – Cello Solo (from Close Studies)
Galen Mac Caba – Phrasebook 1
Dylan Rynhart – Smile
Robert Coleman – Burnished Autumn
Massimo Davi – Breve Studio sul Plenilunio
Jenn Kirby – Friction
Anna Murray – Mutter II

Tickets to Kate Ellis (solo cello) cost €10/€5 conc. and are available from the National Concert Hall box office:

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!

Happy New Year to all and sundry.

2012 has been a great year, since it was the year that Invented came into being. My artists have been hugely busy in Ireland and all over the world. Albums have been launched, festivals have been played, concerts have kicked it and plans have been made.

In 2013 much is happening. More albums to come, more national and international touring, more exciting plans. For those of you who might be in NYC next weekend please check out George Higgs and his DOOR:

DOOR Performances

DOOR will be moving around the East Village in the vicinity of La Mama Experimental Theatre over the course of 3 hours from Friday through Monday (Jan 11-14), stopping to perform at the locations and times listed below. For updates on these and other impromptu performances, please follow us on Twitter (DOOR by George Higgs @HiggsGeorge) and visit


Friday, Jan 11 & Saturday, Jan 12

-4 pm

La Mama La Galleria – 6 East 1st Street, (btw Bowery and 2nd Avenue)

-5 pm

La Mama – 47 Great Jones St Rehearsal Building

-6 pm

La Mama Annex Building – 66 East 4th St

-6:45 pm

La Mama Experimental Theatre – 74A East 4th Street (btw Bowery & 2nd Ave)

Sunday, Jan 13

-1:30 pm

La Mama Experimental Theatre – 74A East 4th Street (btw Bowery & 2nd Ave)

-2:30 pm

La Mama La Galleria – 6 East 1st Street, (btw Bowery and 2nd Avenue)

Monday, Jan 14

-4 pm and 6 pm – La Mama Experimental Theatre – 74A East 4th Street (btw Bowery & 2nd Ave)

Books for change

I knew I didn’t like this book (that so many people seemed to like at a conference I was at in Helsinki this year), but now I have even MORE good reasons to dislike it!!

Instead, you should read THIS book: “Creativity: Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. It is, I think, one of my most favourite books ever. Read it, feel good about yourself, embrace your creativity, enjoy!



Instead of a monthly video blog…

Things have been quite busy in the developmental side of things for Invented artists for the past month or so. Therefore, instead of doing a video blog I wanted to show you the documentary that was done on the SciLens project during last summer. The documentary was done by Yellow Brick Media (our favourite production company!) and well worth the watch!

Hope you enjoy.


Creativity in Estonia

I’m just back from a creativity course in the southern Estonian forests, led by the estimable Professor Alistair Fee. It was a really great course with really fascinating people. It is always good to learn about what other people are doing in Creativity outside Ireland, and I always find that Estonia has many similarities to Ireland, not the least in the area of music.

And it was amply demonstrated during the Irish-Estonian rendition of the Estonian Eurovision entry: “Kuula… Mis räägib silmapiir…”

Its such a catchy song (well, my extremely excellent piano rendition of it anyway :-)

Crowdsourcing your funds to make ideas happen.

Entrepreneurs have long used friends and family members to help start up new business ideas, taking money from a wide variety of people who more or less expect no return. These people are just willing to help get the idea off the ground.

With the explosion of social media and the internet, the scope for building seed funding and scaling it has grown exponentially. One of the first formal sites to capitalise on this was Kickstarter in the US, who are now running projects that are sourcing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Here in Ireland we also have a hugely successful crowdsourced funding website, Fundit. Fundit has primarily focused on the Arts and has been instrumental in getting numerous projects off the ground. Silicon Republic recently reported that it managed to fund 143 creative projects in just one year, after it received pledges of more than €632,000 from the public.

This is definitely a new wave of funding opportunity that people need to take note of. I do not think that it will be the sole and only way to fund projects, but it certainly helps at the seed stage. The process is not easy and takes up a huge amount of time. It also requires you to ask friends for money (something that many people are not comfortable with). However, it is definitely worth the experiment, you will learn a huge amount about project management, funding and your audience. Go forth and Fund It!

Some projects worth funding:

Crash Ensemble commissioning Glen Branca

Kaliedoscope’s 3rd Birthday Party

Good news on the EU Creative Europe programme

The EU are looking to prioritise Europe as a creative hub.

There is huge richness in Europe (and Ireland) culturally that we have only begun to tap into. I don’t believe it should just be owned by the ‘Arts’, but by everyone. Creativity does not exist in a vacuum but by facilitating ‘touch points’ in a wide variety of areas. Collaboration leads to better creativity. Innovation is seeded by creativity. We need to capitalise on Ireland’s Creative strengths to grow our country to a better place.