SciLens – upcoming Yurodny gig

Presented by UCD Imagine Science Film Festival and Darklight Festival 2012



feat. Dan Trueman and DubLork


The Factory, Studio One

35a, Barrow Street, D4


Friday 13th  July 2012 @ 8pm


Tickets €10 / €8



SciLens is to tradition what silence is to sound.

Featuring a world leader in the field of computer music, a laptop orchestra and the nine exceptional musicians of the Yurodny Ensemble, SciLens involves the design and building of new gestural interfaces; physical and virtual electronics for the translation of traditional music from around the world into contemporary language and an exploration of the current meaning of sound in space.

SciLens is funded by the Arts Council of Ireland Project Awards and is produced in association with the UCD Imagine Science and Film Festival, Darklight Festival 2012, Imagine Science NYC and Diatribe Records, Dublin.